Christmas Gifts by Seniors: Darlene Foster’s Amanda Book Series

Click on image to go to her site and see links to buy the books (this is not a sponsored link)

The Christmas season is an important time for we Seniors to present gifts to our grandchildren. And some of us even produce these gifts. A great example is the Amanda book series by Darlene Foster, who began her writing career in her mid-50s. Her book series will encourage your young relatives to read, read, and read some more! That is the beginning of wisdom and a fulfilling life.

The Amanda book series has six members so far. Each takes place in a different location where Amanda Ross, the title character, learns about that location, meets new friends, and pursues a bit of a mystery. Charming and educational in a fun way. So far, the locations are: New Mexico (the latest), the Danube river, Alberta in Canada (where Darlene was born), England, Spain, and Arabia.

Foster incorporates her true life experiences in at least some of these locations with a good dose of lively imagination that will keep your young reader engrossed from first page to last. These books might even inspire he or she to go traveling when they become adults.

Years of living have given this talented Senior writer a lot to draw from in her creation of a lead character, other characters that Amanda meets along the way, and the mysteries to be solved. Her description of each location rings true and will transport readers to those enticing places.

As a gift for Christmas, each book (or the whole series) will certainly be welcome and sure to inspire fond memories of you in the hearts of the receivers.



      1. Yes, exactly. As a teacher when my daughter was younger, I collected books for her. When the students ordered books, I got points to get free books. I still have those books these days – save for my granddaughter. 🙂


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my books here. Kids who have received the books as gifts in the past have enjoyed them and asked for more. I need to write faster!


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