Sue Bradbury Still Going Strong in Her Senior Years!

Lately, I have begun streaming a radio program on the BBC Cornwall station. The host is a lovely lady named Tiffany Truscott. In addition to playing a wide variety of popular music from the literally thousands of songs at her fingertips and helping motorists stuck for hours in frigid gridlock on the highways in Cornwall, Tiffany sometimes interviews guests. I happened to be listening in when she interviewed Sue Bradbury, Director/Founder of SBPR, a public relations firm in Truro.

Sue and Her Team

Sue isn’t quite at the doddering stage yet, but she has been around quite awhile. And her energy seems boundless. She began with a degree in French and Drama, received a postgraduate degree (sort of like our Masters degree) in Public Communication, spent 7 years in the Royal Navy, and set off in earnest to build her writing and communications career that has spanned 32 years so far. She was fortunate enough to attend a dinner function where she was seated next to a publisher who convinced her to write a book about Cornwall. (These lucky breaks in life are the stuff of our dreams, and some of us have the wherewithal to make use of them, as Sue did.)

Sue teams up in her public relations firm with her two beautiful daughters:

Sue Bradbury

Rosie Bradbury

Becky Bradbury

Two books by Sue Bradbury to help promote Cornwall tourism and appreciation:

Dog Walks: Walks with your dog in Cornwall

Secret Cornwall

A third book, Hidden Cornwall, is due out soon. One of the things that struck me when listening to the interview was how similar her approach and mine would have been to tackling the job of writing a book about a particular area. Go for the little known, the homey angle (walking the dog), and the out-of-the-way. People love seeing these things, even if they have lived in that area their entire lives.

Bottom Line

Two things we can all learn from Sue:

  1. Seek out opportunities and be prepared to take advantage of them.
  2. Keep being active and interested in life around you, for once you stop that, you will begin a decline mentally as well as physically.

Listen to the interview on BBC Cornwall radio with host Tiffany Truscott on 1 Feb 2019. (It will only be up for a limited time.) The interview starts about two hours into her program.

Her LinkedIn page

Two PR sites she set up, promoting Cornwall:


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